Nature Over Noise

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With an emphasis on nature over noise, glide along the waterways of the scenic New River the beautiful canals of Fort Lauderdale in our silent electric boat. We'll show you nature's beauty thriving just beyond the iconic homes and moored yachts.

With a maximum of six passengers, our 22' electric boats "ēCHO" and "OP" explore the calm waterways that larger boats can't reach. That means more wildlife and a quieter, more intimate view of the natural world beyond the bustling canals of Fort Lauderdale.


Why "Gondolas West?"
I’ve been asked how we came about naming our company Gondolas West and how we decided to name our first boat "ēCHO."

Since the early 1900’s, Ft. Lauderdale has had the nickname "The Venice of America." No wonder, since we have almost 500 miles of waterways and 162 bridges in our immediate area.

When I purchased ēCHO, I made sure that she had the surrey top that is so distinctive to the gondolas of Venice. This, coupled with the rear steering station, really lends to the look of a modern day-gondola. Since we're a few thousand miles from Venice, Italy, I added the “West” so as not to confuse the two! When we added "OP" to our fleet in 2014, I made sure she was fitted with the same distinctive surrey top to honor our Venetian theme.

Echos of Venice
Obviously, our location and tour is very different from that of Venice, but I still really feel that our boat and tour had “echos” of an Italian gondola ride. The word echo also embodies a sense of serenity from the outside world, and the feedback one gets from their natural environment. This is very evident when you cruise with us on the canals of Ft. Lauderdale. ēCHO is a nearly silent electric boat without the vibration or fumes of an internal combustion engine. This was also very important to me because I wanted to show people some of the canals that others don’t see while not being intrusive to the homeowners along the canals. Of course when you see the long "ē" on her stern you’ll note that you can pronounce the name "EEKO," a play on the environmentally-friendly way we'll be seeing the canals and waterways. As an electric boat we have zero emissions and leave no footprint on the environment.

gondola-sunsetTake the "Sunday Drive" Around Fort Lauderdale
When I designed the suggested routes, I wanted to enhance the options available to locals and travelers alike by purposely staying off of the main arteries of the waterways. We’ll make the “Sunday Drive” around the back canals and rivers while talking about the history and wildlife of the area and really relax as we hear the gentle prop wash pushing us through the water.

I really believe that when you cruise with us, you'll get an unprecedented picture of the Fort Lauderdale area and get a feeling for where our city came from, where she is now, and possibly a view into the future of our "Venice of America."

I hope to see you aboard soon.